Exstinctio Mundi

by Khadaver

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Sophomore record of Slovak Cyber Metal outfit KHADAVER.

Emulating their debut but with more mature sound and production, KHADAVER has prepared ten songs with careful blend of synthetic and human. As the title translates from Latin to "end of humanity", the story deals with the conception of the mankind by mysterious ancient race of Zeroborn and the progress and regress of humanity throughout the history and the future.


released November 9, 2015



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Khadaver Prešovský kraj, Slovakia

New breed of cyber metal. Established 2006 in Slovakia.

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Track Name: Zeroborn
Out of darkness of space
We arrive into this realm
Fueled by endless knowledge
We shall prevail through aeons

Above laws of time
Our form is inferior
Unlike power of our minds

We travel cosmos
For billion years
Interstellar roamers
Beyond your imagination

The ancient ones
Come from behind the Sun
Setting ashore
On God of War

WE - are born of nothing
WE - contain everything
WE - the timeless ones
We are one
We are many
We are Zeroborn

The Great Scientists
We shall unleash
New form of life

The celestial body
She shall go under name

Shell the planet
With seed of Us
For we are perfect
For we will dominate

The satisfaction
Of interstellar fornication

New-found civilization
Is forming the bastard nations
Evolving and not hesitating
To take over the borrowed world

Our vessel leaves
To return
In another era

We shall return
From the depths of space
To this lonely planet
To be worshipped like the
Track Name: Gods-RW
"Those days - the faraway days.
Those nights - the faraway nights.
Those years - the faraway years.
The storm roared, the lights flashed."
- Sumerian Creation Myth

Figments of minuscule minds
We ascended from heavens above
Unable to rationalize
We became gods in their lives

Worshipped through centuries
Names changed but the stories remain
Battles lost and battles won
All in the name of gods from the sky

Rewritable gods
Wasted human minds
Enter inner side
Discover the light

Pitiful existence of mankind justified by meaningless idolatry!

Anu (Ra) (Nergal)
As-Ṣabur (Isa) (Ishtar)
Osiris (Ninurta) (Satan)

Horus (Nadu) (Himeros)
Ninsar (Lucifer) (Veles)
Mars (Seth) (Hades)

Chants drown in nothingness
All prayers die in vain
We value only
Track Name: Via Aeons And Cosmos
Once upon a time
When time was bound to come
Our conciousness
Came to existence

Born from nothingness
Of time and space

We perceived it all
Planets rise and empires fall
Evolution and regression

Hidden in nothingness
Of time and space
Hidden in emptiness
Of space and time

We outlive the infinity
Subsistence is triviality

Now we see mankind
What of them shall be?
We await patiently
Via aeons and cosmos
Track Name: Episteme Finite
Ora et labora
Thine is the law
Question nothing
For you are flawed

This is the dusk of the mind
Conquered from the outer side
Transfixation of third eye
He that is blind is glorified

Episteme finite!

Castiga corpus tuum
The shrine of filth
For what is written
So shall you obey

Forget the voice of heretics
Dire the great blasphemy
The whole universe
Revolves around us

The fallen burn at stake
Preaching lies near death
The only true words
Track Name: Progress Through The Firepower
Atomic warfare
Bringing the annihilation

Military inventions advance
In these times of devastation

Reckoning breeding pain
Develops hi-tech population

We became
Death - destroyers of world

Ingenious explosive device
Inheritance for generations

Forward motion justified
For us to prosper they need to die

Progress through the firepower
Adorned with shadows on walls
Progress through the firepower
Technologic solace for us

Hail the fallen ones
Who subserved us
To invent and innovate
Despite self-preservation

The mushroom cloud
Shines bright upon tomorrow
With smiles on our toothless mouths
We welcome the new age
Track Name: I.T.N.O.F.
Come here my child
I will be your guidance
Nobody must ever know
Abide covenant of silence

You will witness pure love
From God himself
You will become one with me

Accept the humiliation

Worship me
As the only one
In me and Him
Shall you trust

In the name of fornication

Can you feel His love?

"Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
et ne nos inducas in tentationem
sed libera nos a malo."
-- Pater Noster

Worship me
As the only one
In me and Him
Shall you trust

In the name of fornication

In Nomine Fornix, et Sperma, et Violatum Sancti. Amen.
Track Name: Incipit Futurum
Prepare for countdown
All systems normal
Upwards to the stars
Towards the future

Approach the surface
Red dust settles down
Engines on shutdown
Commence the exploration

The ancient ruins
Stand in the sand
Who were the Ones
That built them there?

Blueprints and scriptures
Left for mercy
We are the descendats
Of the fallen race

We are at the top
Of evolutionary chain
The greatest progress
Is yet to come
Humanity cheers technology
They welcome new idols

Incipit futurum
Bring us prosperity
Track Name: Divine Data Corrupted
Their minds awaken
From deep sleep
Discovery made
Rendered them altered

The mankind saw
Face of truth uncovered
Nothing appears
Ever same again

Something lurking
In their heads
"Were we wrong?"
They ask themselves

How can they trust
Their judgement
If for thousand years
They believed lies?

All those lies...!


(Let your mind expand to horizons you can't even begin to comprehend.)

Dissolution of religion
Wipe indoctrination
Commence procreation
Of world without gods

No more blundering in the dark
The mankind has seen redemption
Among the stardust and burned atmosphere

(Are you able to posses the concept unfolded right in front of your naked sight which has recently believed in myths and legends?)


Divine data corrupted
Erased trace of false believes
Divine data corrupted
Let the new born Man finally arise!

Will he arise?
Track Name: Bionic Industries
White robes worn by their saviours
Combining infinite cells
Genetic manipulation is salvation
Closer to future in their hands

Infinite pursuit
For perfection

Dull mechanical life damnation
Evolves into cybernetic salvation
They are going against the nature
Flawless design by invention

We are creators
We will dominate the world

Bionic industries
Man made machines

Now they have found
The very end of line
Breakthrough that will change
All their lives

The architects of next genocide
Are wearing golden wreaths
Celebrated by millions
Shaping the future for all of them
Track Name: Exstinctio Mundi
Part I:

Stomps on the scorched earth
Hands holding flags with pride
Leading nations to battle

Fire pours from the sky
Colored in ash and crimson
This winter will be the longest

Deprived of morality
Certain of immortality
Became gods to their selves

Prosperous and pompous
Infallible inhabitants
Technologic efficency at maximum

Tower of Babylon
Built upon their egos
Their greatest visionaries
Became most corrupted ones

Powerless and preposterous
Deluded designers

Part II:

In their final days
All scared and weak
Remembered the old chants
Evoked forgotten spirits

Gods deliver us
From our fate
We will be better
We want to be saved

Automatic weapons
Destroying heavens
Your saviors will never come

Never come!

// Unsupervised experimentation
Is heading towards
The unsucessful finish

The living organisms
Failed to reached the state
Of enlightened intelligence
And are now extinguished

End of protocol //